Public Health Complaints

Complaint Category

Dismissal, Postponements & Referrals - PLEASE READ BEFORE FILING A COMPLAINT

◼ Private Health Complaints - unsanitary conditions in private residences are not under PUBLIC health authority

Education is available and assessments may be made for enforcement agencies like CPS/APS upon their request

◼ Trash complaints - referred to DNR (304-924-6211) or DEP

Exceptions 1) trash in/around permitted establishments 2) evidence of vectors moving between homes (roaches, mice, etc.)

 Mold complaints (click for resources) - referred to private contractors, Landlord Tenant Act, private legal counsel & civil court

Exception 1) permitted establishments must be cleaned, maintained

◼ Landlord/Tenant issues - referred to Landlord Tenant Act, private legal counsel/civil court

Exception 1) sewage on the surface of the ground or in the waterway 2) vector infestations in public apts.

◼ Clandestine Drug Labs, Other Drug/Criminal Activities, Abuse - referred to law enforcement, CPS/APS, etc.

Public health complaints will be addressed AFTER law enforcement or other authorities have controlled criminal activity

◼ Land/Property/Boundary Disputes & Heirship issues must be resolved in court prior to complaint enforcement

When ownership is in dispute, public health actions are postponed until ownership and boundaries can be established in a court of law & legally recorded

Person(s)/Facility Responsible for the Condition:

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By making this request for an investigation, I acknowledge that the health department may take additional steps consistent with the appropriate laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, or executive orders to investigate and effect correction of the reported violations. Such action may involve referring my complaint to another agency or legal action that may require me to appear in court to give testimony regarding the conditions identified in this complaint.

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