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An Important Note about Complaint Processing

~ Please read before filing ~

Braxton County Health Department investigates a number of public health complaints related to sanitation in permitted facilities.  We also investigate failing sewage systems, smoking complaints in public establishments, and infestations where rodents or insects of public health concern, are traveling back and forth between establishments or residences. 


Oftentimes, we are asked to investigate issues that are outside of our purview or jurisdiction, or that are more appropriately processed by other authorities prior to our involvement.  Please review the types of cases we cannot assist with, prior to filing:

 Private health complaints - unsanitary conditions in private residences are not regulated under PUBLIC health sanitation

Education is available and assessments may be made to assist enforcement agencies like Child Protective Services or Adult Protective Services, upon the agency's request

◼ Garbage (solid waste) complaints are referred to the Department of Natural Resources (Local: 304-924-6211) or the Department of Environmental Protection (especially if in the waterway).  Health Departments no longer have purview over solid waste issues that are not in permitted facilities.

◼ Mold complaints are not investigated by public health, unless they are in a permitted facility.  Private contractors must be contacted to inspect and abate mold issues.  Education about the impacts of mold on health are available at: and the Centers for Disease Control at: 


◼ The Landlord Tenant Act contains language about the responsibilities of landlords and tenants.  Most issues with the upkeep of rental properties must be resolved in civil court if the landlord and tenant cannot resolve issues on their own.

◼ Clandestine Drug Labs, drug use, and other Criminal Activity Allegations must be resolved by law enforcement prior to the health department investigating public health issues.   

◼ Land Disputes must be resolved in court, and the deed recorded and provided to the health department, prior to sewage complaint investigations.

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